About Us

Our story

Matchformula is currently the largest online shop in Nigeria with wide variety of sneaker collections ranging from Nike, Air Jordan, Yeezy, Adidas, Reebok, Balenciaga and so on. The inspiration to make this platform become a reality came from the team of young Tech enthusiasts. in year 2020, we at MF kicked of sale and Currently, Matchformula operates from Nigeria (Lagos), Hong-kong, Vietnam, Cyprus and China.

Our Vision

Our vision centres around social inclusion and social equity. Our dream is to make those who confined in us at Marchformla to be able to go out their front door and stroll or wheel to a community group wearing the best footwear that suits their taste, style or interests.

We acknowledge the diversity of every individual irrespective of race, gender, culture, religion, and creed, as our Founder himself so aptly put it, “the more diversity we share — in perspectives, in ethnicity, in skin color, in culture, in sexual orientation, in religion and in all aspects of life, the better the product we produce and the better we are able to serve our diverse customer base.”

Our mission

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver a quality product with exceptional price-value and superior service.

Matchformula provides a seamless shopping experience and our services are available through our trusted platforms such as our web application www.matchformula.com